Saturday, 6 April 2013

F*ck it.

Modern day life is busy - really busy. No wonder everyone's so stressed out with all the stuff we are expected to fit into a day. I, for one, have decided that enough is enough. I am signing on for a new life of Fuck It, a fantastic book my sister bought me for Christmas. It is described as the 'ultimate spiritual way', which sounds pretty good if you ask me. If you can fuck life and still get into heaven I say that's a win-win sort of situation.
The word fuck may seem somewhat extreme in this context. It sounds negative and aggressive but really it's just another word.
I am going to use the word fuck in a positive way here, and using it will free me from the constraints of social expectations and general irritating politeness. I will dare to be different and dare to live life on the edge, using frowned-upon words and not doing what people expect. I will live my life for me, not for anyone else. Yes, that's right, I'm going to be a selfish bitch.
I'm sorry if this doesn't suit you. In fact fuck it, I'm not sorry. Not one bit.
The whole idea is that nothing really matters. Take a moment to think about this.
That thing that you were supposed to do, but you didn't, doesn't matter. The thing that you weren't supposed to do, but you did anyway, doesn't matter.
What does matter is getting on and not worrying about the fact that it does or doesn't matter. Fuck the system. Fuck life. Fuck everything.
I've never really appreciated what life is all about until I took a step back and saw it from the outside. Life is about living, not worrying about living - something I do a lot of. I've spent months now debating my life and what it means and why I'm living it instead of getting out there and enjoying it.
So finally I feel at peace. All because I turned around and said fuck you life, I'm not gonna dwell on you anymore.
I have decided to do what I want, and what I want is to live. I really do. All those thoughts about not living were stupid and wrong. What a waste of time that was.
I did feel angry at myself for wasting all that time but then I thought: fuck it.
No anger. Fuck that.
Then I felt sort of empty and silly for it. Then I thought: fuck that as well.
All in all a successful turn of events, I think.
So my advice to you out there is to turn around, look life in the face and say: fuck you.
Trust me, it feels good.